Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Love and Lust

It is Valentine's Day.  I am thinking about Love. And Lust.

So many times, I have heard Love and Lust being mentioned together as if they belong together, as if one leads to another, as if they are similar items grouped together like "table and chair" or "pen and pencil" or "bread and butter"

In my opinion Love and Lust belong together but more like Night and Day.
Yes, they are opposites.

Lust has reasons. Love has none.

When my heart is full of love, my thoughts are focused on the other - the person I love. Selfless.
When I am lustful, I am focused on me. Self-gratification.

Since I am a lark (morning person) and Paul is a night owl, we agreed to have separate bedrooms.

Sometimes, when I see him sleeping, I will watch him for a bit, mouth open, covers askew, arms and legs all over the bed.
Sometimes, I will plant a gentle kiss on his forehead and let him sleep in peace.
Sometimes, I will jump into his bed and be all over him (hoping to get lucky). 

Sometimes I am in Love and sometimes I am in Lust. You know which one is which.

Love embodies patience.
Lust is hurried, impetuous and intolerant.

Love is a cool breeze, while Lust is a scorching volcano.

Fortunately for me (and Paul) Love and Lust are inextricably intertwined.  Just like the dark and light colors are twisted together in this quilt.

Although this blogpost is titled Love and Lust, that would be such an inappropriate name for this baby quilt.

I am going to call it Tropic Frolic, because of the bright colors playing with each other.

The finished quilt measures about 40 inches by 45 inches.

And I am very happy with it.

And one more picture...just because.


This year, instead of buying a Valentine's Day card, I decided to make one. With fabric.
Chose this bright and spicy hot fabric.

Do you see hearts? Well, I see kissing lips!

I chose Lust over Love. Definitely made him laugh :-D


Whether you love new patterns or lust for gorgeous fabric, Connecting Threads may just be the ticket.

I will be linking with all my favorite linky parties. I'd love to hear from you. How was your Valentine's Day - Loving or Lustful?  Please do not hold back. I did not :-D

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

One Bikini, Two Bikini - Red Bikini, Blue Bikini

Many of us enjoyed the Superbowl on Sunday.
I, on the other hand, was worried.  Worried about wardrobe malfunction.

You see when you are trying to put four women in bikinis, that is a natural concern.
Will they fit? Will they look good? And most importantly, will they stay put?

When I saw Lorna's new bikini block, I immediately knew I had to try it.  Yes, Sandra - it was yet another DREAMi moment.

I checked all the solids in my stash that could be used as a skin tone - cream, apricot, brick, rosewood.

None of them matched MY skin tone.  This batik came close.  But I am not covered with purple freckles. I chose apricot (even though that is not my skin tone) to make the first bikini block.

Fortunately it all worked out.  Meet my bikini models.

The original design is actually a three-piece bikini, with a column of skin between the breasts.  That column of skin was bothering me, so I chose to connect the two with a band in one block.

For the remaining three, I changed the design ever so slightly so that the fabric of the bikini is continuous between the breasts.

Red Bikini and Blue Bikini.  I so enjoyed making these blocks.

For this last one, I used this lovely green Angela Walters fabric.  I received this as a gift from Mari.

I am so glad that all four of my models look good - no malfunction here.
How do I know that my bikini models look good?
Because Paul remarked - What bodacious tatas!!!

Thanks to Lorna, these bikini ladies are so real.  I can relate :-)

I also tried the Honey Pot Bee blocks.

Figured that Tula Pink fabric would look great as the focus of the Star Kisses block. What do you think?

OK, may be not all four stars, but two stars had the fussy cut face.  The other two would be floral.

As I was ready to piece, I noticed that the flying geese block appeared like the queen had her hat pulled over to partially cover her face.  Too interesting to not take a picture.

Here is a note of caution - this Star Flower block requires exact seams and careful matching of points.
And I am sure that I did not succeed in achieving that :-(

In any case, here is my slightly wonky, but completed Star Flower bock for the Honey Pot Bee February.

For the second Honey Pot Bee block, it was suggested that we use a novelty fabric.  I did not want to break that Riley Blake FQ bundle, but if not now then when?

The Quilter's Pantry Block was super simple and super fast. It also allows you to showcase fun fabrics that you do not want to cut up.

Here is my handiwork for February Honey Pot Bee. Now, to wait for he March blocks. Aaaahhhh, that is going to be a long wait!!!


I also acquired some new fabric, since it was on sale at Hancocks for just $4.99/yard. 

So definitely a very busy weekend

  • Four bikini blocks
  • Honey Pot Bee Blocks
  • Also Completed the 64 bird blocks (doing a happy dance).

But nothing got finished.  Therefore my OMG for February is to finish my KISS.
It is about time to finish this quilt which I started exactly a year ago for the Craftsy blog hop for Valentine's Day last year!!!

I just might also complete the bird flimsy in February...unless I get distracted by something else :-D
As usual, I 'd love to hear from you.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Whatever Works!!!

Paul: Are you still blogging?
Me: No, I am reading the comments on my blogpost.
Paul: What is the difference?
Me (Ignoring his last remark): Such sweet comments. Did you read my blog?
Paul: Not yet. Come snuggle with me.
Me: I will snuggle with you if you read my blog.
Paul: I will read your blog after you snuggle with me.
Me: Coming...

That was a short conversation. Finished to satisfy both parties.
Whatever Works!!!

Speaking of finishing something - I did not finish anything that I started in January. But I do have a finish to share.

And as a quilter - a finish is a finish and is better than a UFO/WIP.

A quilt is like a conversation - between the fabric and thread, between the quilter and the pattern, between the sewing machine and all other distractions.

Here is the resulting story from my conversations with fabric, thread, and the sewing machine, distractions notwithstanding.  I am calling this one - Whatever Works. What do you think? Does the name suit?

Honestly, there is always a scrap vortex quilt in the works - actively.  Whatever scraps are left over from cutting fabric (for the main quilt) are being sewed in twos, at the same time as the principal quilt is being pieced - much like leaders and enders.

Like the side conversations at the main conference.

One fine day those side conversations, cross talks and whisperings will come together to become something meaningful.

Hey, I am not complaining. Whatever works. Right?


Remember those JR Twists from January?  They were my DREAMi moments and before I could finish them, I had another DREAMi moment - dreamier than before.

I blame it on Mary Huey. Thanks to her, I got the bird flu or shall I say bird flew :-D
Her blog led me to the tutorial

As soon as I started reading the tutorial, I realized - oh no. There is a (slightly) better way of making these birds. Instead of making one, make two birds - mirror images.

Of course, I did not stop there. There are over 60 birds in the making.

I have not been able to stop. Somebody help me.

One leg. Two legs.

This is Chipotle Chilebird. Yes, naming them is super-fun too. Also something I learned from Mary Huey. If you are wondering where are the rest of them, well they are hatchlings. Will share when they become fully-grown birds...Ha Ha Ha.

It is only logical to dream about spring and summer when one is the middle of winter.  Look what I found. This is the Summer Solids FQ Bundle from Connecting Threads.

And this is the Spring Solids FQ Bundle. 14 FQs for under $18. You are welcome!

Love these solids - so many possibilities. What would you do? I will probably mix them up - the bright summer colors contrast well with the pastel spring-y ones.

Speaking of supplies, did you hear about the Craftsy sale?

I will be linking with One Monthly Goal, Sandra's Dreami party and all my other usual (but favorite) linky parties.

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